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Meet the Race for Grace Team: Cheridy Dodd

When she signed up to ride in the Race for Grace, Cheridy’s thoughts weren’t on the actual bike ride—in fact, she doesn’t even own a bike! As a first time rider, she’s using the event as a way to raise funds for a mission she cares deeply about: caring for the children at Grace Children’s Hospital. Read more »

New Adolescent Program Builds Social Skills in Dominican Republic

Stumble into one of the four new adolescent groups in the ICC Dominican Republic’s Community Inclusion Program, and you’ll see teens with disabilities working through simple math problems , learning to recognize and draw different shapes, or sounding out words such as “mama” and “papa.” You may find a few practicing fine motor skills by threading Read more »

The Other Hunger in Haiti

That’s the hunger in Haiti that is often overlooked. Yes, Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. So many people suffer. But it’s also a country like so many others where the people work so hard just to make ends meet. They are hungry for change and improvement but also for us “blan” (foreigners) to understand how difficult change is in Haiti and for us to work with them,... Read more »