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GCH SimLab Means Big Things for Health Education in Haiti

International Child Care (ICC) has a long history of  leadership in the Haitian health care community. Originating with the founding of Grace Children's Hospital (GCH) in 1967, ICC has developed a reputation for its prominent work with infectious diseases and its high standard of patient care. Read more »

Spring Appeal 2015

A glimpse at triumph and tragedy. Back in October we told you the story of Richardson; it is one that is all too typical of children in Haiti.  HIV/AIDS are taking the lives of adults and children at alarming rates. Read more »

Heart Set On Haiti

Before 20-year-old Madelene ("Maddy") Caruso went to Haiti for the first time in 2012 as part of a Mission Education Encounter Team (MEET),  she "envisioned [herself] changing all of these lives." When she returned, she realized the life that had really changed was her own. Read more »